Aston’s first SUV is stunning

04 December 2019

ASTON Martin has revealed the stylish new SUV that the company is banking on to reverse its fortunes, with an asking price of almost £160,000.

It is the vehicle that the British firm hopes will attract more women to the brand, pointing out that almost three quarters of all its predominately male sports car drivers also have an SUV for family use.

Those rival SUVs models are mainly Audi, Bentley, Mercedes, Porsche and Range Rover brands.

Aston Martin is hoping that its new Welsh-made DBX model will attract buyers away from them, giving the British brand a much-needed lucrative alternative to its sports car line-up.

Sports car buyers are increasingly turning their backs on traditional roadsters and coupes in favour of the new generation of ultra high-performance SUVs.

This is where the new Aston Martin scores, with the ultimate combination of performance, practicality and luxury.

It may seem a lot of money at £158,000, but not in comparison to a Bentley Bentayga or Range Rover at up to £180,000 or a £264,000 Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

Perhaps the closest rival is the stunning Lamborghini Urus, which looks very similar to the DBX and costs the same.

It is fair to say that in the current climate the entire future of Aston Martin now rests upon the success of this new SUV, which could reverse its fortunes if it attracts enough buyers worldwide.

It certainly looks impressive, with a length of more than five metres, a width of more than two metres and a weight in excess of two tonnes despite the extensive use of aluminium and composite panels.

The clever design creates an almost coupe appearance even though it can easily accommodate adult rear passengers whilst boasting a boot capacity of 630 litres.

However, whilst looks and practicality are obviously of paramount importance, alongside quality and luxury, it is the perception of performance within the Aston Martin brand that may attract most buyers.

The four-litre twin turbo V8 petrol engine comes courtesy of Mercedes-Benz and is to be found beneath the bonnet of Aston’s current Vantage and DB11 sports cars.

In the case of the SUV there is acceleration to 60mph in just four and a half seconds with a top speed in excess of 180mph.

Engine power is 540bhp, with awesome pulling power of 700Nm for those who wish to harness the vehicle to a horse box or two.

The engine is mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission, with an active centre differential and rear e-diff for maximum grip.

This means that drive can be transferred from the front to rear wheels, and to varying points between, although off-road capability is limited.

History shows that the overwhelming majority of so-called off-road vehicles rarely venture beyond tarmac, although the DBX offers a wading depth capability of 50 centimetres with approach and departure angles of 22 and 24 degrees.

There is also air suspension that not only increases those angles but is also useful for lowering the vehicle to load the boot.

The downside of the prodigious performance is that economy is just 20mpg even on the notoriously generous official table and the CO2 figure is a whopping 269g/km.

To make matters worse for Aston Martin, there is no battery-powered or plug-in hybrid alternative yet, although it is inevitable that there will be in due course.

Inside the vehicle the emphasis is on unashamed luxury, with the finest materials and the last word in new tech gizmos plus a panoramic sunroof.

There are five seats, with the rear ones folding flat, plus the promise of a bespoke four-seat version later.

This will use the space between the rear seats to create executive toys such as champagne coolers and cigar humidors, whilst more practical packages will include a washer for dirty dogs, boot warmers, bike racks, surfboard carriers and even a gun holder.

Orders are being taken now, with first deliveries due in spring 2020.