Audi Q7 bolder and better

02 July 2019

AUDI is revamping its largest executive SUV range and adding low-emission mild-hybrid engines in the process.

Latest versions of the Q7 get a new appearance, reworked suspension, enhanced driving characteristics, and grey anti-scuff areas to persuade punters to part with their current car.

The huge seven-seater gains a more distinctive front grille, revised front and rear bumpers plus stylish new side sills and additional chrome at the back.

There are also new exhaust finishers, LED headlamps as standard and Audi’s Laser Light system as an option, which the company claims can see twice as far as the standard system.

Air suspension is standard throughout the range, although even this can be enhanced at extra cost.

On offer is a so-called roll-stabilisation system that keeps the vehicle on an even keel regardless of road conditions and driving style.

The vehicle is now fractionally longer and there is unrivalled luggage room of up to a whopping 2,050 litres with a flat load area plus access via an electric tailgate.

Even the tailgate operation can be enhanced with an optional pack that creates virtual foot-operated tailgate opening plus fore and aft movement and backrest angle adjustment for the rear seats.

There are three new mild-hybrid engines on offer, each of which is a V6.

The 45 TDI generates 228bhp of power and 500Nm of torque to endow the Q7 with sprightly acceleration to 60mph in seven seconds and a top speed of 140mph.

Then there is the 50 TDI with an output of 280bhp and 600Nm of pulling power for a 0-60mph acceleration time of 6.3 seconds and a 150mph top speed.

In addition to these two oil burners there is a 55 TFSI petrol model with 335bhp of power and 500Nm of torque.

This version can reach 60mph in a tad under six seconds with a top speed limited to 155mph.

Each of these engines is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission and they all get power to each of the four wheels, with a power bias to the rear ones.

When the order book opens in September there will also be the usual high-performance SQ7 version on offer, which in this case boasts a four-litre V8 turbodiesel with 430bhp of power and an incredible 900Nm of pulling power.

Performance-wise it will scorch to 60mph in a mere four and a half seconds, with the 185mph top speed electronically reduced and limited to 155mph.

The company says it will release full details of its mild-hybrids nearer to the arrival of the first models here in October.

The same is the case with prices, which are likely to start at about £55,000.