Audi’s 190mph SUV

04 December 2019

YET another immensely powerful SUV is revealed this week, together with one that aims to compete against Rolls-Royce in the ultimate luxury stakes.

The performance model is from the sport division of Audi in the guise of the RS Q8 whilst the Roller-challenger comes from fellow German Maybach and is based on the largest Mercedes SUV.

Audi’s offering goes head-to-head with the SVR versions of Land Rover’s Range Rover range, with prices expected to start in the region of £100,000 plus.

The emphasis is upon ultimate bling looks, and the sort of outrageous performance that is heavily frowned upon in some quarters.

Whilst some of the most powerful SUVs are currently capable of reaching speeds of up to 180mph or slightly beyond, the Audi tops that.

Weighing in at more than two tonnes, the vehicle can scorch its way to 60mph in a mere three and a half seconds, with a top speed of about 190mph.

There is a power output of 590bhp, with pulling power of 800Nm thanks to the combination of a four-litre twin turbocharged eight-cylinder engine and mild-hybrid battery system.

However, it is not quite as wasteful as it might appear, thanks to the use of clever recycling technology.

A system within the engine detects when it is appropriate to shut half of it down, so it becomes a more economical V4 engine rather than a gas-guzzling V8.

Also, every time the vehicle is braked the kinetic energy is saved and stored in the batteries, which can then power the vehicle without emissions at speeds of up to 15mph, which is useful in residential areas.

Power is fed to all four wheels via an eight-speed automatic gearbox and although there is a 155mph speed limiter, this can be officially removed within an optional performance package.

To make the vehicle look the part there are even larger air intakes than those of the standard Q8, plus a striking black grille, deeper side skirts, heavily blistered wheel arches and a huge rear diffuser with oval exhausts.

The standard wheels are 22 inches in diameter but for those wishing to make even more of a statement there are 23-inch rims on offer plus a choice of aluminium or carbon fibre body touches.

The usual design suspects are lurking within, including body-hugging seats that heat, cool and massage.

Instrumentation and visual displays for the driver are positively space-age, with awesome graphics and a sat-nav system that shows aerial views of the neighbourhood including your own house.

Ordering opens next spring.