Nissan Qashqai ProPilot

Nissan pilots a new Qashqai

16 March 2018

NISSAN is taking the first step towards the controversial concept of autonomous driving with the introduction of a new version of its North East-made Qashqai model.

It comes with what the company calls ProPilot, which is an advanced technological system that performs many of the driving functions normally carried out by a human.

The newcomer is another nail in the coffin of conventional cars, which the Government says will be out-lawed by 2040, to be replaced by driverless battery-powered vehicles.

Nissan is at the forefront of electric vehicles, with its locally-made LEAF being the best seller and is now forging ahead with the principle of vehicles that are not actually controlled by a driver.

ProPilot is being offered as a £795 option on Tekna and Tekna+ models powered by the dCi 130 diesel engine with automatic transmission.

For dCi 130 manual transmission models, a Drive Assist Pack is available for £495. Featuring Intelligent Lane Intervention, Intelligent Cruise Control and Lane Keep Assist, the Drive Assist Pack can perform most ProPilot tasks except the ability to come to a complete stop and then resume driving in traffic. 

To maximise interest there is a special Pilot One Edition based on the range-topping Tekna+ grade priced from £33,380.

It gets a white pearlescent body colour, premium plum Nappa leather interior, Xtronic sports pedals, a chrome exterior styling pack, plus Pilot One Edition door entry guards and interior badging.

The new Pilot One Edition sits at the top of the Qashqai range and costs from £33,380, but offers £1,500 of added value compared to a Tekna+ with the additional features.

The ProPilot system assists with steering, acceleration and braking. It works only in a single lane and is optimised for low-speed congestion and high-speed cruising. 

It is activated by a ProPilot button on the right spoke of the steering wheel. Pressing the adjacent SET button maintains current speed and a safe distance from the vehicle in front. 

The Qashqai will slow to a complete stop if traffic conditions require. It moves off automatically if the car is stationary for three seconds or less. If it’s longer, drivers should press the Resume button or lightly tap the accelerator. 

Nissan spokesman Ryan Gains, says: ProPILOT is Nissan’s first step on the journey towards autonomous driving.