Peugeot 3008 GT Line

Peugeot’s Grand Tourers

25 February 2018

PEUGEOT is the latest car company to adopt the GT Line moniker, stretching it to GT Line Premium in a bid to boost its image even higher.

The move is in response to the sudden explosion of high-tech features that are flooding on to the market, with new flagship vehicles being created to showcase them.

Boasting as much computing power as an office and more technology  than most homes, the latest vehicles are just one step away from being truly autonomous.

Motor manufacturers are realising that a new generation of drivers are prepared to pay handsomely for cars crammed with every conceivable gizmo, and are only too happy to oblige with more upmarket offerings.

In the case of Peugeot this has spawned the introduction of new GT Line Premium versions of both the 3008 SUV and 5008 SUV ranges.

The entry-level 1.2-litre 130bhp stop and start engine is offered at £28,590 on the 3008, and at £30,565 for the larger 5008 model.

There is also a diesel alternative at £33,615 in the guise of the two-litre BlueHDi stop and start with a power output of 150bhp.

The enhanced GT Line Premium specification offers a tranche of advanced technology features, including keyless entry and push button start functionality and a foot-operated smart electric tailgate.

There is also a driver’s seat multi-point massage function, driver and front passenger seat heating and a panoramic opening glass roof flanked by blue ambient lighting, plus 19-inch two-tone diamond-cut alloy wheels.

Peugeot says that the additional kit would cost £2,720 although the actual price premium is £2,125 for the 3008 SUV and £1,850 in the case of the 5008 SUV.

Britain is the third largest market for Peugeot, which is part of the giant PSA group that also includes Citroen and has just taken over Vauxhall.

The car company is one of the oldest, having been in production since the late 1800s, with more than 65 million vehicles made to date.