Peugeot hybrids take to the roads

15 October 2019

PEUGEOT has opened reservations for four new plug-in hybrid models that are due to arrive here from the beginning of next year.

They include the 3008 SUV Hybrid and 3008 GT Hybrid4, plus the 508 executive estate and Fastback models, with prices ranging from £42,000 to £47,000 respectively.

Buyers are being invited to make reservations online from today with a £500 deposit.

In the case of the Peugeot 508 hybrids there are CO2 ratings as low as 29g/km and an electric-only driving range of about 30 miles.

This enables the newcomers to avoid daily congestion charges because they are emissions-free in town.

They combine a 180bhp 1.6-litre petrol engine with an 80kW (110hp) electric motor on the front axle for a total power output of 165kW or 225bhp.

Both models use an 11.8kWh battery, with a full recharge taking just under two hours using an extra-cost 7kW onboard charger. According to official tests, the 508 hybrid achieves 217mpg, with the low CO2 emissions of 29g/km, while the estate version will achieve the same fuel economy with CO2 emissions of 30g/km. 

Each car will be available with four driving modes:

* Zero emissions, which is 100% electric drive for a maximum range of 33 miles.

* Sport, which combines the petrol engine and electric motor for maximum performance

* Hybrid, which switches between electric and engine power for optimised efficiency

* Comfort, which combines the hybrid mode with a softer suspension configuration for improved ride comfort.

Remarkably, the hybrids offer precisely the same amount of luggage carrying capacity as their standard counterparts despite the addition of the electric motor, which is 487 litres for the hatchback and 530 litres for the estate.

They will both be offered in three trim options of Allure, GT Line and


Top of the range GT models feature Nappa Mistral full grain leather interior trim and a very sophisticated HiFi speaker system.

Other features include adaptive cruise control, lane positioning assist and infrared cameras to highlight pedestrians and animals up to 200 meters beyond the scope of traditional headlights.

The 3008 GT Hybrid4 is a petrol/electric version of the 3008 SUV model with four-wheel-drive.

As a plug-in hybrid in addition to a 1.6-litre petrol, it achieves an official CO2 rating of just 29g/km, which endows it with the lowest possible tax liability.

Powered by a combination of a 1.6-litre PureTech petrol unit and two electric motors, it generates a prodigious power output of a whopping 300bhp.

This is equivalent to 220kW, which results in rapid acceleration to 60mph in just 5.9 seconds.

The 13.2kWh battery can be fully charged in less than two hours using a standard 7kW charging point and provides up to 35 miles of fully electric driving.

A less powerful front-wheel drive version will follow the four-wheel drive Hybrid4 model next year.

The 165kW front-wheel drive model will combine a 132kW (180hp) PureTech petrol unit, with an 80kW (110hp) electric motor, located on the front axle, that is controlled via an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

In a move further upmarket, the 3008 SUV GT Hybrid4 gets Nappa Mistral full grain leather interior trim and the newest safety technology, with adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go function and Lane Positioning Assist.

The newcomer will be joined by PHEV versions of the new 508 Fastback and the new 508 SW estate, while the new 208 and 2008 SUV will both offer fully electric variants, the e-208 and e-2008 SUV. By 2023, Peugeot will offer electrified variants of every model in its line-up, as will several other manufacturers.