Renault Clio Urban

Clio’s Urban Warrior

12 January 2018

RENAULT is to introduce a new version of one of its most affordable models, with free insurance and finance.

With UK sales of some vehicles falling after years of steady rises, car companies are aiming to reinvigorate confidence in the Brexit-hit market.

In the case of the Clio, the new addition is the Urban Nav special edition, for which the order book opens today with first deliveries due in March.

Based on the current Clio Dynamique Nav version, its exterior appearance changes with the fitment of distinctive 16-inch grey alloy wheels, full LED headlights, rear parking sensors and a one-off new Urban Grey body colour

It comes with a choice of 90bhp petrol or diesel engines and prices of £16,225 and £17,675.

This represents a price hike of £1,450 for the diesel over the petrol version, which only makes sense for higher mileage users.

Even though the diesel model achieves outstanding economy of 85mpg in comparison to 60mpg for the petrol version, it would take some considerable time for the oil-burner to pay for itself.

However, on the second-hand market when the price differential is narrowed, the diesel will be the more desirable.

There is also an automatic option available for the diesel model only at £18,995. This is because the diesel engine boasts torque, or pulling power, of 220Nm from 1,750rpm in comparison to just 135Nm at significantly higher engine speeds of 2,500rpm for the petrol-powered version.

What each of the models do have in common is a year’s insurance included in the purchase price, plus free finance to cover a part of the cost.

In the case of the £16,225 version of the car, the upfront deposit is £5,030. You then pay £150 a month for three years on free finance, which amounts to a further £5,550, which leaves an end payment of an additional £5,830.

The advantage is the middle section of £5,550 worth of free finance spread over three years.

The disadvantage is that you end up paying the full sticker price rather than getting a cash discount, and you have to restrict your mileage to no more than 6,000 a year.

The Clio Urban Nav Special Edition’s equipment includes a seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system with satellite navigation, body-coloured electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors, automatic headlights, automatic wipers, air conditioning, 16-inch alloy wheels and handsfree key card with start/stop functionality.

The Clio was revised in October 2016 and prices start from £12,445.